Legal notices & CGV / CGU

Article 1–Object

PRéconditions r conditionséthe modalités and terms of online sales of the companyétéAZAG EDITIONS SARL on its website AZAG EDITIONS is a companyétéimmatriculée in the Register of Commerce and Societiesétés of Paris under the numberéro RCS B424112654 and SIRET 42411265400019. Its soège is locatedé9, rue Francois Mironà75004 Paris, France.

PRéConditions G ConditionsénotéSales Offices express the’intégralitéobligations of the parties. Ordering involves the’adhéwhole sionère and l’acceptance without réby the customeréConditions G ConditionsénotéSales.

The VINYL-WALLER online sales site provides a description of the productsésàthe sale that allowsàl’potential buyer of s’inform about the characteristicséof each of the products proposedés before finalizing the order, in accordance with the French Codeçof consumption (Article L.111). Responsibilityéof societyétéAZAG EDITIONS can notêto be committedée in the case oùan error would have slippedée in the text préfeeling about the productsésàthe sale. Of même, the photographs illustrating the products n’have no charactersècontract.

The companyétécanêto contactée by email by clicking on the contact form accessible on the page d’home of the site.

The last dateèdiscountàConditions G dayénotéSales is on September 15, 2016.

The companyétéAZAG EDITIONS is réserve the marketing of productsés on the présite and s’addressàprivate customersàl’exclusion of any other reseller, distributor or online sales site. Professionals can contact us on our boîte mail.

Article 2–Price

The prices of our products are indicatedés in euros all taxes included (VAT and other taxes applicable on the date of the order), unless otherwise stated and excluding processing fees and’expéedition.

In case of order to a country other than France métropolitan, the customer is the’importer of the product concernedés. Customs duties or’other local taxes or fees’import or taxes’état are likely to’êbe payable. These rights and sums are not relènot within the competence of the companyétéAZAG EDITIONS. They will beàthe customer's charge and relèwind of his wholeère responsibilityé, both in terms oféonly payment to the authoritiesés and organizationséof his country. We recommendàour customers to learn about these aspects auprès authoritiesés local.

All orders regardless of their origin are payable in euros.

The companyétéAZAG EDITIONS is réserve the right to change pricesàany time. The products will be billedés based on the tariff in effect at the time of the validation of the order.

The products remain the propertyétéof societyétéAZAG EDITIONS up to’to full payment of the price.

Article 3–Orders

Après have read the préConditions G Conditionsénotésales force, the customer must choose the product or products that’he désire by adding themàhis basket then, once hiséfinal electionée, fill out the order formàits layout on the site and on which the information nécessairesàhis identification and in particular his name, préname, postal address, delivery address and addresséElectronic. An order confirmation récapitulating the products commandés, shipping and handlingéparation of order and the amount of the order is sentée by email to the customer. The sale is consideredérée as finalisée only when the customer has completed the purchase order and has paidéthe command.

The companyétéAZAG EDITIONS is réserve the right not to register a payment, and not to confirm an order for any reason, and more particularlyèin case of problemsème d’supply, in case of difficultyéconcerning the order reçor in the event that there is a dispute with a customer relating to the payment of’an ant commandépool.

The’buyer is liéby the information provided during the placing of the order.

Article 4–Validation of your order

Any order passée on the online sales site VINYL-WALLER assumes l’adhéfull and wholeère to the préConditions G Conditionsénotéof Sales, without exception oréserve.

The systemème d’Automatic registration and order confirmation will be worth proof of the nature, content and date of the order. The’set of dataéare provided and the recorded confirmationée will be worth proof of the transaction.

A récapitulative information of the order and préConditions G Conditionsénotésales, will be communicatedéto the customer in PDF format via l’email address provided by the customer for the confirmation of the order.

Article 5–Payment

The validation of the order by the customer implies the’obligation to pay the amount indicatedé.

The rèof purchases’performs online via the systemème PayPal directlyàfrom’a PayPal account, either by credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

The’body providing’banking interface is equipped with’a systemème fromécurating in order to scramble and encrypt the dataéCoordinatesébank.

The débit of the card n’is performedéthat’at the time of’expéedition of the order.

Article 6–Rédealings

Conforméto the provisions of the’Article L.121-21 of the Consumer Code, l’buyer has’a délai of ré14-day bargainingàcount of the réception of products to exercise its right toétraction without havingàjustify reasonsàpay from péNALITé.

Products mustêto be returnedés in perfectétat in their packaging’origin and accompanimentés all accessoriesépossiblyésentsàthe réception of products (packaging, accessories, instructions). In this context, the responsibilityéthe customer is engagedée. Any damage to the productàthis opportunity canênatureàmakeéchec to the right of rédealings.

The return costs areàthe customer's charge.

In case of’exercising the right toéthe companyétéAZAG EDITIONS procéto repay sums toées, in a dé30 days after the notification of your request and via the mêmeans of payment that the one usedéduring the order.

If the product deliversénot’is not compliantàthe order or défectuous, the companyétéAZAG EDITIONS s’commitsàéchange or refund intéthe product,àrefund the customer the cost of returning the said product and willàhis charge, the caseéchéthe costs of’sending of the’articleéchangé.

Returned productséwill be expédiésàl’next address: AZAG EDITIONS 9 Francois Miron Street, 75004 Paris, FRANCE

Article 7- Availabilityé

Products préfeelsés on the VINYL-WALLER online shop are available within the limits of available stocks.
In case of’unavailabilityéapr productsès handover’an order, the companyétéAZAG EDITIONS will inform the client by email. The order will be automatically canceledée and no débank bit will only be doneé.

Article 8–Delivery

The products are deliveredésàl’delivery address indicatedée during the ordering process, in the délai estiméindicatedéon the order confirmation page.

Unless otherwise specifiedécisée on the VINYL-WALLER online shop, the Déindicated laisés are délais means and may vary depending on the destination. These délais are communicatedésàindicative title. The companyétéAZAG EDITIONS can notêbe held responsible in the event of delay.

NOTénevertheless, after’a déthirty days afterès the delivery date initially indicatedée, if the products’have notétédeliveredés, for any other reason than’a case of force majeure, the sale may then beêbe canceledée and the customer will be able to obtain the refund of the priceéfor products and costs of’expéedition,àl’exclusion of any other indemnityéand all damages and int paymentsérêts, as indicatedéin the Consumer Code article L138-2.

The companyétéAZAG EDITIONS can notêbe held responsible forépossible errors or modifications of the dédelivery lais and availabilityéproducts, afterès placing the order.

In case of delay’expéedition, an email will be sentéto the customer for the’informépossible conséquences on the délai deliveryéably indicatedé.

Conforméto the provisions oféin case of late delivery, the customer bénotéthe possibility oféd’cancel the order in the conditions and modalityés définishedàl’Article L 138-2 of the Consumer Code. If in the meantime the customer reçwhere the product, the companyétéAZAG EDITIONS procéderaàits reimbursement andàthat of the costs of’transport under the conditions of the’Article L 138-3 of the Consumer Code.

In case of delivery by a carrier or LA POSTE, the companyétéAZAG EDITIONS can notêbe held responsible for late deliveryûexclusivelyàan unavailabilityéfrom the customer afterès several appointment proposals. The companyétéAZAG EDITIONS can notêbe held responsible for’a return of the’sending dûàan incomplete addressèyou.

Articles are transportés to the risks and péthe customer, except for ordersàdestination of France.

In any case, the client must contrôler the goodéstate of the products upon delivery. Any anomaly concerning the delivery (damaged parcelés, missing items versusàthe bill, etc.…) will have to do’object of réclear reservations on the’éstate of the packageées on the récépissédeliveryéfeelséby the carrier. The customer will have to parallelèthis anomaly to the carrier by sendingé7 days from the date of delivery a registered mailéwith batteryéof réception exposing said réclamations, which willêto be motivatedées and accompanyingées of proof.

The customer will have to transmit in this même dé7 days from the date of delivery copy of this mail to the selleràl’next address: AZAG EDITIONS–9 rue Francois Miron 75004 Paris, FRANCE

Article 9–Guarantee

All our products bénotébenefit from the guaranteeécomplianceéand warranty against hidden defectsés, préseen by articles 1641à1649 of the Civil Code. In case of non-conformityéd’a product sold, it mayêto be returnedé,échangéor refundé.

All réclamations, requests for’échange or refund must s’to carry out by mail and by mail in the délai 30 days of delivery.

Products mustêto be returnedés in the’éstate in which they haveétéreçin their packaging’origin and with’togetheréléaccompanying (accessories, packaging, instructions…). The companyétéAZAG EDITIONS will reimburse the costs of’sending on the basis of the initially billed tarifféas well as the return costs on préevidence. The recipient of the’expéedition will be mentionedéas follows: AZAG EDITIONS 9, rue FrançMiron 75004 Paris–LA FRANCE

Article 10–responsibilityé

Products aboutés complyàthe léFrench legislationçcomfortable in force. Responsibilityéof societyétéAZAG EDITIONS can notêto be committedée in case of non-compliance with theécountry legislation oùthe product is deliveredé. It belongsàl’v buyeréto clarifyès authoritiesés local possibilitiesés d’import or’use of products or services that’he plans to order.

The companyétéAZAG EDITIONS can notêbe held responsible for the’inexécution or bad exécution’an order in case of force majeure or causeétrangère.

In addition, the companyétéAZAG EDITIONS can notêbe held responsible for damagesésultant’improper use of the purchased producté.

Finally the responsibilityéof societyétéAZAG EDITIONS can notêto be committedée for all inconvénients or damageéentàl’use of the réInternet site when consulting the VINYL-WALLER online sales site or’placing an order on this site, including a break in service, an external intrusionéor the prépresence of computer viruses.

Article 11–Applicable law in case of disputes

The language of the précontract is the French languageçeasy. PRésales conditions are subject toàthe french lawçeasy. In case of dispute, the French courtsçwill be the only compétents.

Article 12–Propriétéintellectual

Products aboutéare allétéprotégés and recordedés around the world. Any copy is strictly forbidden and will make the’subject to prosecution.

AlléléVINYL-WALLER site are and remain the property ofétéintellectual and exclusive societyétéAZAG EDITIONS. No one’is allowedéàreproduce, exploit, repost, or useàwhatever title it is, mêpartially,éléon the site’they are software, visual or sound. Any simple link or hypertext is strictly prohibited without an agreementécrit critès of societyétéAZAG EDITIONS.

Article 13–Donnéare personal

Information and dataépersonal information of the customer bénotéficient’a treatment that ensures the utmost confidentialityé. The companyétéAZAG EDITIONS collects personal information provided by the customer on the order forméElectronic. They are not usedéonly as part of the order for géorder and follow up.

This information and dataéareéalso conservedéesàfor purposes oféSAFETYé, in order to respect the obligationséequals and réglementaires.

They can alsoêbe stockéare in our database and usedées de façit's not nominative for améimprove qualityéof our online services.

Conforméis lyingàthe law of January 6, 1978, you have’a right to’accessès, rectification and’opposition to personal information and dataéyour personal information, directly on the online sales site.

Article 14–Proof of’archiving

The companyétéAZAG EDITIONS archives the purchase orders and the invoices on a reliable and durable support constituting a faithful copyèthe conforméto the provisions of the’Article 1348 of the Civil Code.

Computerized registersés of societyétéAZAG EDITIONS will be consideredérés by all parties concernedéas proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.


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