About us


Hi! My name is Pierre and I am a designer. I love vinyls and music. I created the VinylWaller because I love vinyls for ther warm and deep sound and for the beauty of the covers. Covers represent a wonderful open playground for the freedom of expression of so many graphic artists, photographers and painters. Strongly connected to their era, fashion trends and musical movements, covers, as true multi-media art objects, share our memory. They reflect our emotions, our moods, our style...
Set up your vinyls on the wall is both telling your own story and display your art work collection. The cover-art warehouse is as huge as the ones of our greatest international museums. 
Creating a wall composition using different vinyls is like a visual mixing and sampling done by DJs. t becomes your own personal artwork.
And you can change the vinyls on display instantaneously, faster than on the turntable. In a mood for hard-rock or for an electro vibe? Snap your fingers, it's done!