Playlist for Father's Day: tips to create a compilation for your Daddy

Father's day next week. Not a single gift idea. We digged in the vinyl boxes and found great ideas to celebrate Father's Day in music. 

Tips to create a great compilation for your Daddy...

The world of vinyls is full of songs inspired by Daddys.

Two major categories are to be found:

  • Songs which celebrate the love and the relationship with your Dad.
  • Songs based on the doings of ths mysterious person who is missioned away from home everyday.

Songs about the love for Daddy 

Musicians, women and men sing about their Dad.
Song for my father sang by Carmen Souza in 2010, the original jazzy composition is by Horace Silver in 1964. For a Daddy who deserves so much praise that it's Father's Day everyday in the heart of his son or his daughter...
Daddy by Beyoncé, celebrates her Daddy who drove her on his bike around the Bayou roads.  "There is no one else like my Daddy" (2003)
Les disques de mon père by Youssoupha – a rapper's tribute to the father and son bond, and the fathers accross generations (2012)

Father, Son by Peter Gabriel, an hymn about the father and son relationship and their closeness "Got my Dad by my side, with me" (2000)

Le chemin de Papa by Joe Dassin, a joyful tribute to a gipsy father (1969)

My Old Man by Joni Mitchell (1970), folk song for Daddys who protect their daughters from the blues 

Daddy by Julie London, jazzy song shaped as a shopping-list dedicated to a Daddy, who may or may not be her father (1958)
My Heart belongs to Daddy sang by Marilyn Monroe in the movie "Let’s make love" (released in 1960 with a music track by Cole Porter 1938), a must

Songs about "What does Daddy do ?"

To celebrate their fathers, a lot of musicians introduce his job or main occupation. Then they  tell us about themselves wether they follow in their father's tracks or away from them.

The type of questions asked in these songs...

My father is/was...
Please choose among the items below >>
  • a rolling stone
  • a miner
  • a dustman
  • a groovy old man
  • a gambling man
  • a jockey
  • a drunk
  • a funky dancer
  • other...
More precisely >> ........................

Here are the answers brought by the vinyls...

Papa was a rolling stone by The Temptations (1972), a hit song for  Funky Daddies, either as a single (6’51) or as an extended single (12’04), with its mesmerizing bass guitare rythm and the suave leading voice of Denis Edwards.

Papa's got a brand new bag by James Brown, portaying a Funky Daddy, who dances the Jerk, the Swing, does the Monkey, the Mashed Potatoes, the Jump back Jack (1965). What about your Daddy? What's his favourite dance?

My father was a jockey by John Lee Hooker, a beautiful piece of minimalist blues, celebrating a Dad who's a jockey. Guess what he taugh his son? How to ride, of course (1951)

My Father was a gambling man or House of the rising sun by The animals, a ballad song, which is kind of part of the human patrimony. Musicologists and historians still discuss its origins. A folk song from the 16th century,  "the unfortunate rake"? The rising sun as a decorative design brough in North America by the French migrants under Louis the Fourteenth?... Whatever...The most wellknown recorded version is by the Animals (1964). For gambling Daddys ...

My father was a bankrobber by The Clash, punk tribute to Daddy (1980)
My father was a miner and a miner son or Which Side Are You On by Dropkick Murphys, tribute to Union workers Daddys (recorded in 2001) from a 1931 song by Florence Reece, the wife of one of the active members of the United Mine Workers in the Harlan county.

My Old Man's a Dustman, traditional Cockney song, shaped as a comedy, sang by  Lonnie Donegan in 1960, in which Daddy is a Dustman who finds lots of surprises in his bin.

My Ol'man lives with a bottle or Fast Car by Tracy Chapman, beautiful song in which there is an alcoholic father (1988)


Happy Father's Day to all Fathers

You no longer ignore that in addtion to be a great father, you are a wonderful source of inspiration for musicians

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