The Vinyl-Waller, in the spotlight in the magazine VivreParis

In the thirty-third issue ofVivreParis(winter 2017), page 139, "At No. 9, AZAG, Viviane is a stylist, Pierre architect designer. In their concept store, only good ideas! ... »

VivreParis, a magazine dedicated to Parisian life, devotes an article in its new issue to rue François Miron, in the heart of the Marais. This street, which boasts historic buildings, is a collection of beautiful, original shops and restaurants. In this anthill, at number 9,AZAG, concept store installed for 18 years, offers fashion accessories (jewelry, scarves, bags, hats, hats, slippers ...) and home decoration (magnetic boards, decorative objects, dishes ...).

In the midst of this varied offer, theVinyl-Wallerattracted the attention of the journalist during her visit to the shop. Pierre Azagury, a passionate designer of music and vinyls, created the Vinyl-Waller in order to display his vinyls on the wall while continuing to listen to them. The pockets are considered by its creator as true works of art. The brackets allow 33 and 45-rpm record sleeves to be exposed and enhanced without an apparent frame. Anyone can create their personalized wall decoration with wallets presented alone or within artistic wall compositions.

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