The guitar, star of your interior design

What's more beautiful than a guitar for a guitarist? You are a fan of this music instrument and you want to make a mural on this theme in your living room or in your bedroom.

Dig in your vinyl crate

Looking closer, we see that the guitar occupies a privileged place on record sleeves. This instrument is usually found in the center of the cover.

When shown in full on the cover, the guitar represents the emblem of the musicians placed in front of the group or at the center of the group or simply in the hands of the guitarist. She is often the protagonist of the action in the narrative covers, action particularly favoured by hard rock groups of hard rock with whom she becomes a weapon.

Some examples.

  • On the ACDC vinyl sleeve If you want blood, she is the sword that pierces Angus.
  • On the cover of Trust's album Sink or swim , the guitar - dagger ripps the amp of the musicians.
  • On the vinyl Weekend warriors of Ted Nugent, she spits fire like a double-barreled rifle.

When the guitar is not shown in full, it appears as fragments in close-up like the head of the handle, the bars, the rosette ... A small piece of guitar is enough to evoke the instrument in its entirety.

Display a selection of vinyls

Step 1: select record sleeves with a guitar (full or partial) including if possible LPs and singles

Step 2: place them on the floor and move them around to get the best composition mixing LPs and single 7inch to create a depth effect.

Step 3: hang the Vinyl-waller with the tacks included in the VinylWaller boxes.

Step 4: insert your vinyls in the Vinyl-Waller with just one hand.

Watch the visuals answer one another and enrich each other, it's magic. And you can still listen to your records on your turntable and change the wall composition you have created.

You can also add to the guitar other string instruments related to guitars: banjo, balalaïka, zither, lute, cora ...

We recommend a book to deepen your knowledge about guitar Guitars&Heroes, legendary guitars and legendary musicians by Julien Bitoun, Gründ editions 2017.