The ultimate chocolate guide for the Easter playlist

Which playlist to choose for Easter?

Follow the ultimate Chocolate guide... 

Chocolate, synonymous for pleasure and sweetness inspires both music and movies. Warm colour, crunchy texture, meltability, all these mouth-watering features contribute to the richness of this symbol of sensuality and desire. Many musicians have melted and could not resist Call of the Chocolate.

Taste our chocolate selection...

In the mood for Chocolate ...

  • Beat Poetry and garage rock sound with Patti Smith - Easter

  • Tweedy alternative rock  (Irish and Scottish) Snow Patrol - Chocolate 

  • Tom Waits - Chocolate Jesus dedicated by the artist to children and to all those who have trouble getting up on time for Sunday's mass.

Our deadly-cool Easter chocolate hunt finds 

  • Awesome rap video from our Hamburg friends, Deine FreundeSchokolade
  • Amazing Mexican singer, who prefers chocolates to the bullets of the guerillas, Lila Downs - Balas y chocolate (unfortunately exists on CD not yet on vinyls)

  • First album by a heavy metal girl band from Japan Baby Metal - Gimme chocolate! 

Chocolate playlist, some like it hot and dancing

  • stunning video from Africa by Henkie & Damaru - Chocola Baya

  • tutorial by A-Star to learn how to dance and move your - Chocobodi
  • swinging Latino rythms with Pacifika, world music band from Vancouver - Chocolate 

Chocolate Soul

 American Chocolate Country Folk 

Jazzy chocolate

Before we part

  • Would you like a cup of Café Cacao by Alpha Blondy (too bad his SOS Guerre Tribale album is only availabe on CD)