Brexit Blues, handle it with vinyl decor and playlist

You've got the Brexit blues. Five days away from the deadline, dig out your vinyls and cheer up with a total-look British wall decoration you the blues and a how-to-say-goodbye special playlist.

My vinyls on the wall for a Union Jack decor.

History first

The Union Jack flag created in 1606 is a mix of the flags of England, Scotland and Ireland. These 3 crosses are the symbols of patron saints of England (St-George), Scotland (St-Andrews) and Irland (St-Patrick).
The flag of Wales, featuring a red dragon over a white and green background is not part of the Union Jack.
The Union Jack is often used as a decorative pattern in the U.K. especially on stationary, tableware, hot bottles, underwear, bedclothes, teeshirts. Why not your walls?

Choose vinyl covers with Union Jack designs

  • The Beatles First, compilation - double album released in 1969 with The Beatles, Tony Sheridan and other guests
  • Cry for a shadow

  • "My generation" Oasis (2002) with the famous song of The Who
  • My generation

A Brexit playlist to cry over the breaking up or to accept the divorce ... with the help of songs